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The untold, female-made, feminist origin story of DC antiheroine Poison Ivy...

Pamela & Ivy is a gritty exploration of the childhood traumatic event that spawned one of Gotham City's most notorious supervillains.


Young Pamela is a prisoner in her own life at the hands of a cruel man. From her pain, Ivy is born - a manifestation of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Ivy is mocking and rageful, but confident and strong in ways Pamela yearns to be.


While locked in a basement, Pamela bonds with a small seedling that has grown up from the concrete. She builds a deep emotional connection to this vulnerable, yet resilient, life form. 


Once Pamela is rescued from her nightmare, she struggles to adapt to regular life and to trust those around her. Instead, she gravitates towards the quiet company of plant life. Still - while Pamela’s oppressor is gone, Ivy is not. She lives in the dark corners of her mind, seething and vengeful. As the years pass, Ivy waits for the moment that she will once again be necessary for survival.

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